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Global Consultation on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

January, 2008

This publication contains rich research findings concerning global trends and the prevalence of female genital mutilation/cutting and its linkages with maternal and newborn health. It describes changing patterns and practices, including medicalization, and analyzes the threat FGM/C poses to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals as well as its economic and health costs. It identifies important lessons and discusses in detail case studies as well as the application of theories as a basis for accelerating the abandonment process.

Slideshow: Mukhtar Mai - Giving hope to women in Pakistan

November, 2008

This is a slideshow of women and girls who have sought refuge in women's shelters in Pakistan set up by activist Mukhtar Mai.

Shahnaz Bibi, left, a woman staying in a women's shelter founded by Mukhtar Mai. The women in Mukhtar's shelter are extraordinary, partly because in a culture where women are supposed to be weak, they are indomitable.


Witness with Quatrina: Rape and the Media in Pakistan

April, 2011
Express 24/7, Witness with Quatrina

In this episode of Witness with Quatrina, a political talk show in Pakistan, Quatrina Hosain discusses the issue of rape and the media in Pakistan.

Yemen's dark side: Discrimination against violence against women and girls

November, 2009

Women in Yemen face systemic dicsrimination and endemic violence, with devastating consequences for their lives. Their rights are routinely violated because Yemeni laws as well as tribal and customary practices treat them as second class citizens. 

Women are not free to marry who they want and some are forced to marry when they are children, sometimes as young as eight. Once married, a woman must obey her husband and obtain his permission just to leave the house.

Sakineh, A Symbol of State Violence

March, 2011

This video marked the launch of the online campaign: Stop state violence against women in Iran!, which is a project by one of our partners, the Institute for Women's Empowerment (IWE). The campaign goal is to mobilise public opinion, both national and international, to stop Iranian state violence against women.

Women’s and Children’s Rights: Making the Connection

April, 2011

The publication “Women’s and Children’s Rights: Making the Connection,” a joint effort by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), makes a case for linking the human rights of women to those of children.

Voices Unveiled: Turkish Women Who Dare (Film)

April, 2010
Binnue Karaevli

Voices Unveiled: Turkish Women Who Dare
- A film by Binnue Karaevli 

Can Islamic values co-exist with full equality for women? VOICES UNVEILED examines this timely issue through portraits of three women pursuing life paths and careers of their own choosing in present-day Turkey.

Increasing Access to Justice for Women, the Poor, and Those Living in Remote Areas: An Indonesian Case Study

March, 2011

"In 2010 the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics estimated that there are 65 million  households in Indonesia, and almost 10 million of these - 14% - are headed by women.....Obtaining new identity or family cards that show a woman is the head of her household, requires the formalization of marriages and the issuance of legal divorce certificates.

A Woman's Place: Perspectives on Afghanistan's Evolving Legal Framework

February, 2011

Over the past three years, Rights & Democracy has been directly involved in the reform of family law in Afghanistan. Through fieldwork and research work, a number of questions, reflections and lines of analysis were raised that needed further discussion. To this end, four authors have reflected on a series of questions that are central themes of this book: the evolution of reforms in 20th century Afghanistan; the participation of civil society in the legislative process in the post-Taliban era; the marriage contract and registration of marriages; and the gap between the theoretical discourse and practice with regards to protecting the rights of women.

The World's Women and Girls 2011 Datasheet

April, 2011

This datasheet includes statistics from research in diverse countries that aims to explore barriers to gender equality. This includes: attitudes about men and women's roles within the household, early marriage, and data on healthcare and birth rates.

Mutilations génitales féminines et droits humains en Afrique

April, 1998
Fatou Sow

Les armes se sont à peine tues après plusieurs années de lutte entre groupes fratricides, que la Sierra Leone est revenue à la une de l’actualité africaine, pour un fait classé divers. En effet, le quotidien sénégalais, Le Soleil, rapportant une dépêche de l’Agence France-Presse, titrait : « Arrêt des excisions pendant le Ramadan » (20 janvier 1977). Quelques semaines plus tôt, la même agence s’était fait l’écho d’un événement survenu dans un camp de réfugiés de Grafton, à une centaine de Km de Freetown, la capitale.