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Study on 'honour' crime prosecutions published

December, 2008
Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) study on 'honour' crime has been published today allowing prosecutors to be better able to tackle the cases.

'Deviant victims' and 'deficient men'

November, 2008
Dr. Azza Baydoun

Dr Azza Baydoun has analysed every ‘honour killing' in Lebanon that has gone before the courts since 1999 and found that behind the plea of offended honour lies the crime of femicide. She describes the patriarchal concepts of ‘deviant women' and ‘deficient men' in her research. Here she outlines some of her findings.

The Bloodied Stone

August, 2007
Emadeddin Baghi

The Bloodied Stone: Execution by Stoning

A few weeks ago the media published a report regarding the imminent stoning of a man and a woman in Qazvin for the charge of adultery committed with a married woman.