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News and Views: January 2010

Malaysia: Ban lifted on Sisters In Islam (SIS) book

KUALA LUMPUR: The SIS Forum (Malaysia) succeeded in throwing out the Home Minister’s order banning its 215-page book, Muslim Women and the Challenges of Islamic Extremism.

High Court judge Justice Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof on Monday ruled that the book is not a threat to public order.

He said the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia’s (Jakim) objection to the book was that it could confuse Muslims, especially those who with only a superficial knowledge of their religion, as the publication explains Islamic teachings according to the writers’ own views.

Iran: Women's Rights Campaign Activists - Arrests & Summons Report

Change for Equality: The following report, outlines the pressures faced by activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, including arrests, summons, sentences, travel bans, and search of property. The report was compiled in November 2009 and updated in late December 2009. Several of the members of the Campaign who have been arrested in the past few weeks days are not included in the report, including:

Nepal: Suicide Leading Cause of Death for Women 15-49

KATHMANDU, 21 January 2010 (IRIN) - Suicide has emerged as the single leading cause of death among women in Nepal aged 15-49, outranking other causes such as accidents and disease, according to a government study.

The Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Study 2008/2009 undertaken by the Family Health Division (FHD) of the Department of Health Services looked at changes in maternal mortality in Nepal since 1998, when the last survey was done.

Outrage over graphic T-shirts degrading women

T-SHIRT slogans condoning rape and featuring semi-naked and gagged women have outraged anti-exploitation advocates.

January 24, 2010

Fatwas against FGM in Mauritania and Niger

By Laurent Prieur and Abdoulaye Massalatchi

NOUAKCHOTT/NIAMEY, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Efforts to eradicate female genital circumcision in West Africa have taken a step forward with a fatwa against the practice in Mauritania and sanctions in Niger against mothers who subject their daughters to it.

Babies of child brides more susceptible to malnutrition: Research Study

A recent study by a Boston University professor found that children born to mothers who were married and gave birth before they were 18 are more likely to be malnourished.

A study published in the British Medical Journal found that the rate of malnutrition among babies born to child brides is much higher than that of babies born to adult women.

The study was conducted by Boston University School of Public Health professor Dr. Anita Raj. Raj’s field of research includes gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health.

Iran: No Information About Detained Women’s Rights Activist

Hundreds of Detainees in Similar Situations, Disappeared into Prisons

“Starred Student” was Blacklisted from Graduate Studies for her Peaceful Women’s Rights Activism

(21 January 2010) Iranian judicial and prison authorities have refused to release any information about charges against women’s rights activist Somayeh Rashidi (24), who was arrested on 19 December 2009, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported today.

Aceh Shari'a police will not be disbanded despite rape case

A Sharia policeman speaks to two youths about the rules of Sharia law at the seaside area of Uleelheu in Banda Aceh.

January 18, 2009
By Nurdin Hasan

Banda Aceh. Aceh’s deputy governor said on Tuesday that there was no need to disband the province’s Wilayatul Hisbah, or Shariah Police, because there was no legal obligation to do so.

Haiti: Women's Movement Mourns Deaths of 3 Leaders

Myriam Merlet was one of three leading activists in the Haitian women's movement who died, a victim of the earthquake.

By Jessica Ravitz, CNN
January 20, 2010


    Human Rights Watch published World Report 2010

    Human Rights Watch Press release
    January 20, 2010

    Human Rights Watch publishes World Report 2010

    Aceh: Sharia police arrested for ‘rape’

    Sharia police arrested for ‘rape’

    Hotli Simanjuntak , The Jakarta Post , Banda Aceh, Aceh | Tue, 01/12/2010 11:12 PM | National

    India: Single Women Resist Stigma - Demand Rights

    India - Single Women Resist Stigma, Demand Rights
    By: Swapna Majumdar
    WeNews Correspondent - January 10, 2010

    Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV - UNESCO

    Overview and abstracts from UNESCO's upoming publication: The Fourth Wave


    Nepal: Witch Tag Only on Dalits, Minorities

    December 13, 2009

    Nepal: Witch Tag only on Dalits, Minorities
    By: Mallika Aryal

    Europe & Turkey - The Burqa - Several Countries Prohibit or Regulate

    The burqa is usually prohibited by local ordinances on behalf of the need to see the faces. But the simple veil, who does not hide the face, is widely accepted in the world

    Banning the burqa? Almost all European countries have considered. And took measures to severely restrict the wearing of this garment that completely covers the head and body of women, a fence hiding their eyes.


    IPS Africa Launches Reporting Gender-Based Violence Handbook

    Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa has launched a new handbook for reporters to support sustained media coverage of gender-based violence beyond 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children.

    Reporting Gender-based Violence was officially launched during a conference in Rome on Millennium Development Goal Three (MDG3) and the role of the media. MDG3 is to “Promote gender equality and empower women”.