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تلاش برای نجات دو خواهر محکوم به سنگسار

February 4, 2008

دو خواهر جوان که هر کدام مادر یک کودک هستند، بنا به شکایت شوهر یکی از آنان دادگاهی می‌شوند. بنا به حکم دادگاه، ۹۹ ضربه شلاق می‌خورند. ولی به دلیلی نامعلوم دوباره به زندان بازگردانده ‏می‌شوند. شش ماه بعد، دوباره به همان جرم دادگاهی می‌شوند. و اینبار به سنگسار محکوم می‌گردند. دیوان عالی ‏کشور نیز حکم سنگسار را تایید کرده است.

A Campaign to Stop Stoning

February 15, 2008

Iranian women's rights activists are working to stop stoning in their country. It's time for us to help them.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Pledges System-Wide UN Campaign to Fight Violence Against Women

November 25, 2007

Denouncing violence against women as “one of the most heinous, systematic and prevalent human rights abuses in the world,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has vowed to lead a campaign against the scourge.

URGENT: Two Sisters Sentenced to be Stoned to Death ***Farsi Version***

February 2, 2008

ایران: حکم سنگسار زهره و آذر کبیری را متوقف کنید

شبکه جهانی "زنان متأثر از قوانین اسلامی" و کمپین جهانی قانون بدون سنگسار ا شهروندان آگاه و نگران میخواهد تا از طریق تلفن و یا فکس فورا با مقامات رسمی ایرانی تماس گرفته و خواستار لغو مجازات سنگسار زهره و آذر کبیری در ایران شوند.

14-Year-Old Stoned to Death by Father

February 15, 2008

A 14 years old girl, identified as Saeedeh, has been stoned to death by her own father, reported the daily newspaper Qods yesterday.

URGENT: Iran: Stop the Stoning to Death of Zohreh and Azar Kabiri!

The Women Living Under Muslim Laws international solidarity network, and the Global Campaign Stop Killing and Stoning Women! urges all concerned citizens to immediately contact the Iranian officials by phone and/or fax to request them to stop the scheduled stoning to death of Zohreh and Azar Kabiri in Iran.

URGENT: Two Sisters Sentenced to be Stoned to Death

February 4, 2008

Zohreh and Azar are two young sisters from Khademabad, near Karaj, Iran. Both were arrested on February 5, 2007 due to allegations of adultery given by Sohreh’s husband.