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Domestic Violence

Impunity Fuels Violence Against Women

November 24, 2007

"I still have the scar," says Valeria Díaz, running her hand over the mark left by her husband when he beat her eight years ago. "But it's nothing compared to what I have here," she adds, pointing to her head, in allusion to the psychological damages left by his abuse.

Sanaa Awadkareem: Forced into marriage, disfigured by acid

March 2, 2008

Sanaa Awadkareem was forced into marriage and then disfigured with acid by her estranged husband.

The tragedy of Sanaa Awadalkareem, a victim of a unique case of domestic violence of the worst kind, became a case of public interest when it was highlighted in local and international news articles, first published in Alrayaam newspaper (Sudan) and consequently on Sudanesonline (an electronic news outlet, concerned with issues pertaining to the Sudan;

The Price of Abuse

December 2, 2007

Shame, violence, abuse, shame - the circle is complete for women of the East as they face a recurring nightmare of the denial of rights and justice.In most cases of violence against women, the role of society and how it perceives these unfortunate women is a crucial factor in the kind of justice they ultimately receive.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Pledges System-Wide UN Campaign to Fight Violence Against Women

November 25, 2007

Denouncing violence against women as “one of the most heinous, systematic and prevalent human rights abuses in the world,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has vowed to lead a campaign against the scourge.