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Acid Attacks

No Justice in Justifications: Violence Against Women in the Name of Culture, Religion and Tradition

March, 2010
Shaina Grieff

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This briefing presents a survey of culturally justified violence against women, including how violence against women is justified by 'culture', the different forms this violence can take, and recommendations for change. The SKSW Campaign is undertaking projects on 'culture', women and violence, with partners in Senegal, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, and Sudan.

Indian women demand law against honour killing and acid attacks

NEW DELHI: Several women’s groups came together on Tuesday appealing to all political parties to ensure that their concerns are highlighted and the same become part of the mainstream political agend

Bitter Truth: Bangladesh Society must protect the victims

Published On: 2008-07-26

Bitter Truth
Domestic violence: Society must protect the victims

Md. Asadullah Khan

Pakistani Taliban: wear hijab, or be disfigured

By: Raquel Evita Saraswati

Good news: Congratulations to The Hijab Blog and Hijab Style on their feature story in the Toronto Star. I’m excited about the additional coverage being given to women who are pushing the envelope. In challening expectations about Muslim women, they’re not only educating the West - but also empowering Muslim women worldwide.

A need for education, awareness and legal reform; Acid attack victim seeks justice

April 9, 2008

A day in February 2006 is imprinted as vividly on Renu's mind as her body.

In the quiet, narrow lane outside her east Delhi home, she had been bathing the family buffaloes when her father's tenant, a mug in hand, came towards her.

She thought he wanted water but he greeted her instead with threats and a shower of acid.

Her sister Rajni, who came rushing out when she heard the screams, remembers how Renu's "clothes were melting off her body as though they were plastic".

Man disfigures wife’s face with acid on suspicion of adultery

March 4, 2008

Twenty-two-year-old Ameena, an acid burns victim, regrets marrying her husband Mohammad Ali, alias Danish, who splashed acid on her face after allegedly suspecting that she had illicit relations with another man. The severe burn injuries have not only disfigured her face, but also damaged both her eyes, compelling her to hide her face behind a veil as her daughters, aged seven and two-and-a-half, are frightened by the sight of their mother’s disfigured face.

Sanaa Awadkareem: Forced into marriage, disfigured by acid

March 2, 2008

Sanaa Awadkareem was forced into marriage and then disfigured with acid by her estranged husband.

The tragedy of Sanaa Awadalkareem, a victim of a unique case of domestic violence of the worst kind, became a case of public interest when it was highlighted in local and international news articles, first published in Alrayaam newspaper (Sudan) and consequently on Sudanesonline (an electronic news outlet, concerned with issues pertaining to the Sudan;