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Nepal: Increase in Witchcraft Accussations and Abuse

Publication Date: 
April 4, 2012

In Nepali society, currently, the Violence Against Women, particularly at the name of custom is increasing dramatically. About a month ago, a woman killed was accused of witchcraft in Chitwan. That case hasn't received justice yet.

In this shocking alleged witchcraft scenario, another woman was beaten seriously and her both eyes were broken.

Ms Sunita Pudasainee, resident of Bhaktapur, was beaten in Jorpati in her aunt's house. The aunt's children (cousin, sister) beat Sunita and damaged both Sunita's eyes. They blamed Sunita for witchcraft affecting family reproduction as the aunt's daughter hasn't had children yet.

The women's human right activist organizations, are seriously concerned about these  incidences of accusation of witchcraft and related violence against women. Because Nepal has already member country of signatory of several human and women's right treaties. The Nepal government seems passive towards such shameful violence.

Action Works Nepal condemned this incidence.We also appealed to the Nepal government to prompt response for justice and punishment of perpetrators.


Radha Paudel

Action Works Nepal